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Recognition for the Ennoblement of the Human Sprit in Academics, The Arts, and Human Welfare

2015 Laureates

Professor Jinwoo Cheon

  • Science
  • Jinwoo Cheon
    Professor, Yonsei University
  • A leading global nanoparticle expert, Dr. Cheon has demonstrated the phenomenon of nanoscale size-dependent magnetic resonance imaging contrast effect and has been playing a key role in the field of design and synthesis of nanoparticle.


Professor Chang-Jin

  • Engineering
  • Chang-Jin"CJ" Kim
    Professor, UCLA
  • A pioneer in the field of microfluidic MEMS, Dr. Kim is highly recognized in developing microfluidic MEMS based on the use of electrowetting phenomena. He has also made breakthrough discoveries in nanostructuring surfaces for reducing friction and drag in fluid interfaces.


Professor Sunghoon Kim

  • Medicine
  • Sunghoon Kim
    Professor, Seoul National University
  • A leader in the field of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase(ARSs) research, Dr. Kim has identified that ARSs get involved in cell’s multiplication, differentiation and death. He has made immense contributions in opening a new era of tRNA synthetase research in the cell signaling network of ARSs.


Installation & Video Artist Kimsooja

  • The Arts
  • Kimsooja
    Installation & Video Artist
  • Beginning with her early works involving needles and cloth, Kimsooja has made major international contributions to various art forms and unique approaches to developing a variety of genre that express her meditative approach to the relationship between life and art.


Nurse Young-shim Baek

  • Community Service
  • Young-shim Baek
  • Nurse Baek has transcended race and religion for a quarter of a century in her selfless health work in Africa, including establishing both a hospital and a nursing school. Her selfless devotion has justifiably earned her the title of “The Florence Nightingale of Malawi.”