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Ho-Am Prize for individuals who have contributed to academics, the arts, and social development

2014 Laureates

Professor Hong Gil Nam

  • The Ho-Am Prize in Science
  • Hong Gil Nam
    Fellow Professor, DGIST / Director, Institute for Basic Science
  • Dr. Nam identified genes that contribute to the regulation of leaf senescence and played a major role in defining the genetic and molecular mechanisms of plant development and senescence.


Distinguished Professor Sang Yup Lee

  • The Ho-Am Prize in Engineering
  • Sang Yup Lee
    Distinguished Professor, KAIST
  • Dr. Lee developed the world`s first bio-technologies for the production of gasoline from renewable resources using genetically engineered bacteria.


Professor Seung K. Kim

  • The Ho-Am Prize in Medicine
  • Seung K. Kim
    Professor, Stanford University
  • Dr. Kim has contributed to identify the mechanism of insulin-producing β cell proliferation and paved the way for getting us closer to a cell-based therapy for the treatment of diabetes.


Soprano Hei-Kyung Hong

  • The Ho-Am Prize in The Arts
  • Hei-Kyung Hong
  • As a metropolitan opera prima donna, Hei-kyung Hong has elevated the credence of Korean vocalists on the international level with her enchanting voice, extensive repertoire and performances.


Father Ha Jong Kim

  • The Ho-Am Prize in Community Service
  • Ha Jong Kim (Bordo Vincenzo)
    Father / Director, Anna House Social Welfare Foundation
  • As an Italian father, Ha Jong Kim has served the homeless, the isolated aged, and troubled youth through a variety of programs including a soup kitchen and a center for youth in the city of Seongnam since 1993.