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Recognition for the Ennoblement of the Human Sprit in Academics, The Arts, and Human Welfare

2016 Laureates

Myungshik Kim, Professor, Imperial College London

  • Science
  • Myungshik Kim
    Professor, Imperial College London
  • Professor Myungshik Kim is a world-renowned physicist in the field of quantum optics. His experiments substantiated the quantum commutation rules while establishing various protocols in quantum information processing, which can be used for quantum computer.


Jun Ho Oh, Professor, KAIST

  • Engineering
  • Jun Ho Oh
    Professor, KAIST
  • Professor Jun Ho Oh is a global leader in the field of humanoid robotics. He developed one of the world's most advanced humanoid robot platform, the HUBO series. He also successfully founded a mechatronics company and began to sell humanoid robots and attached sensors.


Larry W. Kwak Professor, City of Hope National Medical Center

  • Medicine
  • Larry W. Kwak
    Professor, City of Hope National Medical Center
  • Professor Larry W. Kwak is a leading expert in the field of translational cancer immunotherapy. He has contributed to the development of cancer vaccines while demonstrating the vaccine efficacy in a well-controlled phase III clinical trial on patients with low grade follicular lymphoma.


Tong-gyu Hwang, Poet, Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University

  • The Arts
  • Tong-gyu Hwang
    Poet, Professor Emeritus, Seoul National Univ.
  • Poet Tong-gyu Hwang has broadened the horizon of contemporary Korean poetry by introducing a creative writing method of dramatic lyric poems as part of his relentless efforts at innovating poetic structures for 60 years since his debut as a poet.


Hyun Soo Kim, Soon Sil Cho

  • Community Service
  • Hyun Soo Kim, Soon Sil Cho
    Co-Directors, Wahaha Community
  • Co-Directors Hyun Soo Kim and Soon-Sil Cho have dedicated their lives to taking care of runaway, homeless and street youth in need of protection and help from the negligence and abuse by their parents for 22 years mainly in the area of Ansan City.