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Recognition for the Ennoblement of the Human Sprit in Academics, The Arts, and Human Welfare


Ho-Am Lectures Image

On days both prior to and following the Prize ceremony, the Laureates present a series of lectures at universities and research organizations for specialists as well as the general public and youth.

2018 Lectures

Prof. Sookyung Choi('17 Laureate in Science)
May 31, Daegu Science High School
Prof. Hee Oh('18 Laureate in Science)
May 30, KIAS
Prof. Hee Oh('18 Laureate for Science)
May 31, Hamhyun High School
Prof. Nam-Gyu Park('18 Laureate in Engineering)
May 31, Korean Minjok Leadership Academy
Prof. Gou Young Koh('18 Laureate in Medicine)
May 29, Jeonju High School
Prof. Gou Young Koh('18 Laureate in Medicine)
June 19, KAIST

※ Special Lecture : May 31, Seoul National University
    Lecturer : Prof. Michael Karin(UC San Diego, USA)

※ Nobel and Ho-Am Laureates Lecture for youth : June 2, Sungkyunkwan University
    Lecturer : Prof. Tim Hunt('01 Nobel Laureate), Prof. Nam-Gyu Park('18 Ho-Am Laureate)