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Recognition for the Ennoblement of the Human Sprit in Academics, The Arts, and Human Welfare


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On days both prior to and following the Prize ceremony, the Laureates present a series of lectures at universities and research organizations for specialists as well as the general public and youth.

2016 Lectures

Dr. Myungshik Kim
June 2nd, Daewon Foreign Language High School / June 3rd, Jeonju High School
Dr. Myungshik Kim
Science of randomness and correlations to revolutionise information technology
Dr. Jun Ho Oh
May 24th, KAIST / June 28th, SAIT
Engineering Approach in Developing Humanoid Robot
Dr. Larry W. Kwak
May 31st, Samsung Scholarship
The Pursuit of Excellence
Dr. Larry W. Kwak
June 2nd, Samsung Medical Center
Bench-to-Bedside Development of Cancer Immunotheraphy
Poet Tong-gyu Hwang
May 24th, Korea University
Literature that gives meaning to Life
Co-Directors Hyun Soo Kim · Soon Sil Cho
May 7th, Ilsandong High School
Concentric Circles of Sharing
Dr. Chang-Jin "CJ" Kim (2015)
June 2nd, Gyeonggi Science High School
Interesting Micro World, The Happy Life of Researcher

※ Special Lecture for Youth

Dr. Aaron Ciechanover
June 1st, Sungkyunkwan University
Challenges and Future of Science
('04 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry)
Dr. Sven Lidin
June 2nd, DGIST / Daegu Science High School
How to get a Nobel Prize - Step by Step Guide
(Professor at Lund University)