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Recognition for the Ennoblement of the Human Sprit in Academics, The Arts, and Human Welfare

1998 Laureates

Sun-Tak Hwang
  • Engineering
  • Sun-Tak Hwang
    Professor, University of Cincinnati
  • Education & Work Experience
    1935 Born in Taejon, Korea 1958 B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University  1960 ~ 1962 M.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa  1962 ~ 1965 Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering,University of Iowa 1965 ~ 1966 Research Engineer at Mobil Oil Corp 1966 ~ 1982 Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Iowa 1982 ~ Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Cincinnati 1983 ~ Director, CenterofExcellence for Membrane Technology, University of Cincinnati


Dr. Hwang is a Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Center-of-Excellence for Membrane Technology at the University of Cincinnati. He is recognized worldwide for his valuable contribution toward the study of membrane separation, which is a newly emerging separation technology used in chemical industries. During the 32 years he has worked in the field of chemical engineering, first at the University of Iowa and later at the University of cincinnati, Dr. Hwang has concentrated his research activity on various membrane processes, utilizing both polymeric and inorganic membranes. Dr. Hwang continues to develop new fundamentals and industrial applications for his work. His major contributions include the analysis of surface diffusion in microporous membranes based on statistical mechanics, the application of capillary condensation phenomenon in membrane separation.

Currently, Dr. Hwang is developing a new theory to analyze the phenomenon of concentration polarization, which is prevalent in many membrane processes. He is also conducting experimental studies and developing practical applications for this theory as a method of removing volatile organic compounds (VOC) from wastewater through pervaporation. His book, Membranes in Separations(1975) is regarded internationally as an unparalleled reference in the field of membrane separation and was translated into Russian in 1981. Dr. Hwang was instrumental in the founding of the North American Membrane Society(NAMS) and has served as president of this organization. In 1983, against keen competition from 1,000 applicants from all across the United States, he won a $2million grant from SOHIO to establish the Center-of-Excellence, which he continues to direct today.